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Public Relations
Public Relations.

PR is often misunderstood.
We like to keep it fluff free.

01 – Strategy

It all starts with strategy.

Greenpoint follows a streamlined process to get to know your brand, competitors, objectives and target audiences, using that information to tailor an in-depth strategy to your project or brand.

PR will connect your brand to its audience.
Team Greenpoint.
02 – Press campaigns

The development of successful proactive campaigns requires much more than a media release.

We keep our fingers on the pulse of the media while always challenging our own thinking to continue to create opportunities for our clients.

How can PR help your brand grow?

PR provides a quick ROI and major impact to your brand’s visibility. Be seen, heard and found via the power of PR.

03 – Our Work
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Ace Hotel Sydney Announcement Campaign
Work – Golden Age Group
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