Cera Stribley X Hubert Estate
Premium Design Transforms Melbourne’s Oldest Winery.

Working alongside leading architectural practice Cera Stribley, Greenpoint spread the ‘premium design’ message beyond design media to make an impact on brand visibility and credibility.

01 – What we did
– Strategy
– Public Relations

With the client brief focused on leveraging the Hubert Estate redesign project as a major catalyst to cement them as a leading tourism and hospitality design practice, Greenpoint devised a campaign strategy that aimed to transcend design media, whilst still retaining our key design-led messages.

Hubert Estate
02 – As seen in
03 – Outcomes

With coverage landing in mainstream, design, property, lifestyle and more media, Greenpoint kicked off our first campaign with this client in style and continue to drive increased brand visibility and positioning as part of our ongoing program of work.

What we Achieved:
  • 42 – Articles
  • 26,351,343 – Online Reach
  • 2,368,041- Print Readership
  • 520,274 – Social Media Reach
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