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Make money — Make impact
01 – Why work with us?

Covid-19 taught us many things here at team Greenpoint, and helped us answer some key questions. 

What is the purpose of our business, and what does it mean to our people, customers and community?

This led us to build our cultural framework, Make Money – Make Impact. MMMI is the foundation for what Greenpoint stands for from a practical execution perspective; a rallying call for our team to get behind and buy into, in order to create a cohesive and dynamic workplace. It is the foundation that everything else is built from. MMMI is simple. Everything we do ties back to ensuring the money we make and the work we do is put back into making the biggest impact we can on our clients, community and team.

So, Why Greenpoint?
  • Unlimited growth opportunities. Show us your ambition and we’ll back you.
  • Hybrid Office – work from home 60%
  • 4.5 Day Week.
  • Our Culture – We work hard and celebrate our wins.
  • We’re tech focused and super organised – but we don’t stifle creativity.
  • Connected Team + Amazing Clients.
The team doing what we do best.