Woodlea becomes Australia’s Healthiest Community

Following a successful launch to market and taking the title of Australia’s fastest selling community, Woodlea sought to reposition itself and highlight its commitment to community and wellbeing. Our campaign ‘Australia’s Healthiest Community’ has helped to establish Woodlea as a leader within the masterplanned space, pioneering the future of community living across sustainability, environment and resident wellbeing.

01 – What we did
– Strategy
– Public Relations
– Event & Activations
– Outdoor
– Social Media

Working alongside Woodlea and key consultants, Greenpoint led the strategy and execution for the launch of Australia’s Healthiest Community via a four-pronged approach including public relations, events and activations, outdoor and social media.

Initiatives implemented include the installation of an onsite apiary, home to European Honeybees, a world-recording breaking soccer lesson, as well as PR and Content Campaigns that highlight all of Woodlea’s efforts to date within this space.

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02 – As seen in
03 – Outcomes

Since 2019, we have successfully repositioned Woodlea as Australia’s Healthiest Community, ranking in as #3 on Google Search terms for the title, alongside mainstream and local press coverage highlighting numerous initiatives.

What we have Achieved so far in 2022:
  • 87 Articles
  • 61,054,503 Online Reach
  • 6,522,147 Social Media Impressions
  • 1,418,350 Print Readership
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