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We know that a good story is only as good as those who are listening, so we’ve learned a thing or two about our customer’s audiences and the vehicles to reach them, tailoring our approach to suit each and every one of our client’s unique requirements.

We don’t send 1000 pitches for every press release. We don’t get excited about a piece of editorial that doesn’t impact your business. We work hard at understanding our clients and their objectives, so that we get the angle, story and surrounding communications just right, every time.


Greenpoint Media has a proven track record of campaigns that transcend the thinking of the traditional PR landscape to incorporate a media mix that focuses on reach, frequency and conversion

Public Relations.

PR is often misunderstood.
We like to keep it simple and fluff-free.

It all starts with strategy. Greenpoint Media follow a streamlined process to get to know your brand, competitors, objectives & target audiences, using that information to tailor an in-depth strategy to your project or brand.


The development of successful proactive campaigns requires much more than a media release, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the media whilst always challenging our own thinking to continue to create opportunities for our clients.

Influencer / Ambassador:

Creating positive connections between brands and customers through the engagement of influencers and ambassadors whose values align to the brands we represent.


So, you want to be a thought leader?
Content Development:

We help a brand identify its story, and then translate this into meaningful content that resonates with the target audience.

We create, produce and execute on content for blogs, social media, eDM, web and even words for brochures, partnering with leading video and photography agencies to create a holistic content approach.

Thought Leadership:

Building the profiles of business leaders helps to ensure they obtain and maintain share of voice within their sectors, building trust and helping in lead generation and other business development activities.

This is done by the management of online profiles and creation of opinion content in the bi-line of these business leaders.

Content Management:

Taking the hassle out of managing online profiles for clients, Greenpoint Media will schedule, manage, moderate and report on your online assets.

Brand Alignment & Collaborations.

Together, we achieve more.
Strategy and Planning:

Aligning brands together for mutually
beneficial marketing campaigns, Greenpoint Media strategise and bring brands together, creating concepts to ensure the campaign has a unique hook.


Brand alignment campaigns create multiple execution opportunities ranging from shared content, PR campaigns and even event and activation opportunities. Greenpoint Media manage the execution of these partnerships and ensure they come to life across multiple channels.

Activation and Events.

Get up close & personal with your customers.
Event Styling and planning:

Dealing with suppliers, styling, budgets and run sheets can be daunting. We will develop a comprehensive brief to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Event Production:

From small and intimate events, to larger public launches, Greenpoint Media has the internal capability to create events that delight your customers or stakeholders.


A Greenpoint Media innovation, SPACESHAPING is a bespoke service provided to property developers to align projects closer to their target markets. SPACESHAPING takes our clients through the journey of understanding what resonates with buyers, brand partners and the media alike to create a perfect blend of experience, content, activation and coverage.

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