Announcing Vantari VR’s Newest Partnership

Announcing Vantari VR’s Newest Partnership

Vantari VR reaches regional audiences

Vantari VR recently partnered with Gippsland’s specialist referral and trauma centre, Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH), making them the first regional centre in Australia to implement Vantari VR in their medical training. This exciting rollout of Vantari VR’s platform is set to significantly reduce medical error and improve patient outcomes as well as cost savings for the regional hospital.

Understanding the huge potential this partnership brought to our client, our team sought to grab the attention of the masses through the mediums of TV and radio as a means of capturing the attention of fellow industry leaders.

We successfully secured key coverage with both WIN News Gippsland and ABC Radio Gippsland, with both opportunities showcasing the benefits of Vantari’s technology and how it is revolutionising the way clinicians across Australia receive training.