— The Client

Born from a desire to shake up the alcohol space and in line with the on-demand culture that is changing the consumer brand landscape, entrepreneurial brothers Ryan and Shane Barrington created ‘Tipple’, the first (and best) alcohol delivery platform to hit the Melbourne and Sydney markets.

By delivering alcohol and other related items in 30 minutes or less, Tipple had created a groundswell led by early adopters and tech-savvy Millennials. The time was ripe to take the brand and its message to the next level.

  • Tech & Start Up
  • Brand Alignment & Activation
  • Brand Communications Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations

— The Situation

With such an innovative but new product, a target audience clamoring for choice and convenience & a shifting competitive landscape, it was paramount that Tipple remained one step ahead of the game, to ensure its position of market leader was unquestioned.


— The Solution

Initially brought on in a project campaign basis, the bond between Greenpoint Media and Tipple was strong, leading to an ongoing relationship that spanned all aspects of the brands external and internal brand communications.

— What did we deliver?

Greenpoint Media implemented a public relations strategy that would reach and engage with Tipple’s target audience, while also ensuring the brand profile of Tipple was constantly growing in a way that would effectively translate into opportunities for expansion.

Tipple is also bursting at the seams with creative partnership opportunities, so it was important for us to leverage these for strategic collaborations that provided additional opportunities for content, coverage and more. We’ve successfully created campaigns that have aligned the Tipple brand to a range of new potential customers via creative content campaigns, flash sale collaborations, and brand activations.

If you missed out on $2 martinis, don’t worry you weren’t alone – our campaign successfully saw over 500 units sell out in 17 minutes.

With groundswell comes database. Greenpoint Media has taken the reigns of creating and executing on a range of content opportunities for Tipple, to effectively build a brand that exudes confidence, charm and wit, while ensuring this content translates to meaningful engagement and sales.

We provided guidance, content creation and a strategy focused on keeping the audience engaged across all levels of the Tipple communications cycle, including database, social and other marketing channels.

By helping to create a definitive style of content and communications that leveraged our initiatives across PR & activation, Greenpoint Media worked with internal creative geniuses to build content that created the highest levels of engagement and sales in the brand’s history.

During a critical phase for the growing startup, Greenpoint Media turned its attention to building the brand presence of Tipple and its leadership team within the corporate, business and startup worlds.

With a key objective of showcasing the major milestones of the brand such as expansion, growth and future plans, Greenpoint Media was instrumental in creating buzz and excitement around the brand leading into a key fundraising & acquisition period for Tipple.

From strategic media coverage, founder profile management & corporate profiling, Greenpoint Media’s corporate campaign placed Tipple on the radar of some of the nation’s largest corporate investors.

— Results:

PR Black
Public Relations:

17.4 million - Combined Estimated Reached

Sales Success:

Sold out of 500 units in 17 minutes due to PR campaign activity

Brand Uplift:

Significant uplift in brand presence across multiple markets


— Client Feedback

“Greenpoint Media has really helped us to define a voice and to tell the world about us. As a startup, we don’t have the internal resources to throw at all of the content creation and campaign work that is vital to building brand awareness. Greenpoint Media work seamlessly with our marketing team to develop creative and strategic PR and marketing campaigns that have had a massive impact around our brand awareness and boosted our sales.”
— Ryan Barrington, Tipple CEO & Cofounder


— Summary

Client: Tipple
Website: Tipple

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