— The Client

Colonial Leisure Group (CLG) manages a portfolio of renowned hospitality venues across Australia. CLG is a premium operator with a diverse array of hospitality experiences that includes brewing, pubs, gaming, restaurants and resorts.

With the aim of becoming Colonial Leisure Group’s outsourced, yet integrated PR team, Greenpoint work to provide opportunities that will greater amplify existing activity, as well as drive further awareness and brand engagement.

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  • Public Relations

— The Situation

Initially engaged to re-launch the Portsea Hotel, GPM was tasked with rebuilding brand awareness for the iconic venue, the only waterfront venue on the Mornington Peninsula.

Under new management by the Colonial Leisure Group, the Portsea Hotel received a substantial renovation and facelift, meaning key messaging had to re-align the venue to its premium target market. 

In 2019, the much-loved Bimbo (formerly Bimbo Deluxe) reopened its doors following a fire that destroyed the venue in 2018. Taking place soon after, the hugely popular Best of Both Sides Festival (affectionately known as BOBS) celebrated its tenth anniversary. 

With substantial attention surrounding the Bimbo relaunch and the festival milestone, Greenpoint was briefed to undertake an extensive PR campaign across key media, including clever activation ideas that captured the attention of the target market.

Currently, Greenpoint manages ongoing public relations campaigns for Bimbo, Lucky Coq and Penny Black; in addition to social media management of aforementioned, as well as, Half Moon and Portsea Hotel.


— The Solution

Since 2018, Greenpoint has been managing the public relations and social media for a wide selection of Victorian venues within the Colonial Leisure Group portfolio. 

As a long term client, this activity includes an ongoing media office function that keeps the venue names at the forefront with media. It also includes unique event concepts and activation ideas to generate cut through in an ever growing and crowded industry.

All activity is underpinned by the following objectives:

Venue awareness:
Build brand recognition for all CLG venues ensuring each maintains a strong and ongoing presence in key media, while remaining a venue of choice within their respective target markets.

Drive foot traffic:
Increase and facilitate foot traffic to each venue, retaining loyal customers whilst attracting new ones too.

Project Positioning:
Position each venue as the best at what they do and the place to be for each of their respective target markets.

Grow followers:
Build a sustained follower growth on social media encouraging and generating strong engagement in order to achieve cut through on all specials and events.

— What did we deliver?

Public Relations
As the centralised PR team for CLG, Greenpoint continues to engage in proactive press campaign development, as well as maintaining a reactive media office function to ensure any prospective opportunities are undertaken, and in the unlikely event of any issues, crisis mitigation is planned.

Example: Hosting a concurrent pizza party at 5pm at Bimbo and Lucky Coq to mark the introduction of $5 pizzas

Brand Activation
Working closely with the CLG marketing team, Greenpoint has coordinated a number of brand alignment and activation ideas that are not only newsworthy, but also assist in generating awareness of existing CLG initiatives.

Example: Greenpoint organised and managed the execution of a guerilla pizza delivery activation featuring a Rolls Royce and much-loved Aussie personality, Alex Dyson. With the purpose of relaunching Bimbo and promoting the BOBS Festival (and generating premium social media content), Alex handed out free pizza to the general public at key locations for the target market around Melbourne’s north. 

Content Marketing
Greenpoint is involved in the ongoing creation and delivery of social media content for a number of CLG venues, aligning with key PR milestones and events. Content is delivered in fortnightly content schedules including posts, boosted content and stories.

This activity also includes the management of social media accounts from scheduling, posting and community moderation. 

Influencer Marketing
Greenpoint creates influencer strategies and campaigns that engage Instagram-personalities with klout and high engagement to ensure maximum ROI and contact with defined target markets.

— Results:

PR Black
Public Relations

53,748,729+ Combined Estimated Reached

138 total number of articles achieved

6 total number of media releases/unique campaigns


— Summary

Client: Colonial Leisure Group
Website: CLG

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