— Our Team Culture

Our team culture is built around our Make Money, Make Impact cultural framework.

MMMI is the foundation for what Greenpoint stands for from a practical execution perspective; a rallying call for our team to get behind and buy into, in order to create a cohesive and dynamic workplace. 

It is the foundation that everything else is built from.

MMMI is simple. Everything we do ties back to ensuring the money we make is put back into making the biggest impact we can on our clients and partners.

This is achieved via amazing campaigns and the best customer experience and talent; our team through workplace conditions, learning, culture, and engagement; through to the impact we make on our community via pro-bono work, volunteering, education, and awareness.

— Our Core Values

Determined & Resilient:

We pride ourselves on our work ethic, hustling everyday to get results for our clients. We bounce back when there are setbacks.

Creative & Unique:

We show initiative and find creative ways to make campaigns work with a smart, considered & forward thinking approach. We believe anything is possible, and don’t listen to what the industry tells us to be.

Passion (aka we give a shit):

We care about getting better, our clients, campaigns, results and each other. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and going above and beyond.

Pride in achievement:

We celebrate wins and recognise the achievement of those around us. Our version of fun at work is success, winning, creating amazing work and seeing these translate into rewards for all involved.


We value & respect the input of those around us, believing that more hands make light work.

— Introducing the leaders at Greenpoint

Ash Denman
Managing Director
Nicola Trotman
Creative Director

Interested in being a part of our amazing team?

We’re always on the hunt for great talent, so whether your an established AM looking to grow, or a budding PR whiz, drop us a line with your CV and some fun facts about yourself to hello@greenpointmedia.com.au