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Your monthly dose of public relations & communications insight for lifestyle brands. 

In this month’s edition we have:
– Campaign Spotlight: MTV UP! – Our Strategic Process
– Industry News: The ever-changing media landscape
– Greenpoint News: Welcoming Veneziano Coffee and Search Commercial
– #COVERAGEOFTHEMONTH: Riverlee Seafarers Project

Campaign Spotlight: MTV UP! Energy Drink

An insight into our strategic process in launching a new, global brand into Australia.

Strategy is everything for us at GPM HQ, and with our new client MTV UP!’s campaign strategy kicking off, we thought what better time to give our readers an insight into how our strategic process works – from the inside out.

Starting with our kick off workshop, we quickly understood that MTV UP! has its very own take on the Australian energy drink market. With such a clear direction from the client, we’re able to fully hone in on how we leverage the brand’s key messages, story and milestones to develop compelling media angles that will really hit the market with a bang.

Our workshop also opens up significant dialogue around the platforms we need to focus on to nail the target audience and what vehicles we will use to bridge the gap – in this case, influencer marketing will play a big role as we take the campaign primarily online due to COVID-19. Strategy must not only be target audience specific, but market climate specific, so on we march towards brand partnerships and alignments.

This is the most challenging yet rewarding part of our campaigns – aligning with great brands that provide mutually beneficial results, whilst also identifying the campaign idea that will ‘stick’ with the consumer and generate all the things we love – coverage, content and in the end, action!

Over the next few months we’ll bring you insight as to the campaign outcomes.

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Industry News: The media… just keeps.. on… changing!

In what has been a crazy month across the media landscape, we have seen major publications continue to cull not only their teams, but their publications too, as ad revenues dry up. With no respite in sight, managing your media presence may seem like it’s never been harder. 

But what does this mean for PR and Comms? An unprecedented opportunity for our clients. While print editions may be dying, online is thriving. With the ability to really measure impact online – consider web traffic, social growth, enquiries and more as key indicators of success moving into the future. Being able to control your narrative, and having an expert in your corner, brands will be able to smell victory a mile off and track the results.

Recently, we’ve been putting energy into digital reputation management; the art of transforming a brand’s organic search results through powerful PR, targeted to high authority online publications. This can radically transform what consumers find when they search for you, and help drive them to enquire.

Want to chat about the media landscape? Hit us up.

Greenpoint News

Greenpoint Media is proud to announce a range of new clients joining team GPM this month across all of our verticals. Despite market conditions, we are seeing a strong appetite for brand storytelling as brands look to ensure they stand out from the crowd and make an impact on their target audience during a time where audiences are highly captive, but where media noise is overwhelming.




At GPM HQ, we thrive on a culture of celebrating our wins. Our #articleoftheday Slack channel is where we share all client coverage. It is our gathering place, coverage melting pot and online cultural mecca that has become our place of celebration!

Each month, we pick a #coverageofthemonth award for our favourite media coverage to share in the Greenpoint Gazette and in keeping with the Seafarers theme, this month it goes to our friends at Riverlee. Getting property projects out of the property pages is one of our main objectives and here we are this month across both Broadsheet and Urban List.