Cricket Australia

Public Relations

Community Champions Campaign

Cricket Australia is an organisation that needs no introduction and to say the very least, Greenpoint Media was excited to be assigned the PR account for the community sector of their business.

Our role was to look after all PR activities regarding the grassroots space of Cricket Australia, with the organisation really wanting to challenge the stereotype that cricket is a slow, boring and male dominated sport, and instead create positive stories about the diversity of the wider cricket community in the country.

At the core of the campaign, our objectives were to achieve an increase in positive brand association and to foster a positive community. To do this, our team at Greenpoint Media employed a multi-faceted strategy that pinnacled into The Community Champions Campaign; a campaign filled with case studies of how cricket can have positive impacts on the community.

Each story was identified through the website, where Greenpoint Media then selected the most compelling and rich stories that encompassed the values of Cricket Australia.

These stories covered many angles, and aimed to take Cricket off the sport pages and into the lifestyle sections, where the brand could align with those who really drive community – parents and families.

With the ideation of 10 different newsworthy angles and the creation of multimedia content, Greenpoint Media achieved over 60 individual pieces of media that reached a global audience of over 150,000,000 people.

Campaign highlights included TV spots on The Project and ICC Cricket 306 °, which was then aired on select Emirates flights between Australia and India.

Client: Cricket Australia