Beulah International

Public Relations and Communications Strategy

Beulah International is an Australian property developer with a global footprint.

Initially brought on to help raise the brand profile surrounding Beulah International’s benchmark project Gardenhill, Greenpoint Media has now worked alongside Beulah International across multiple projects including the acquisition and subsequent launch of the Paragon tower, located at the historical Celtic Club in the Melbourne CBD, the largely successful Hallmark Ivanhoe project and land acquisitions including South Yarra and South Melbourne.

Greenpoint Media spearheaded a creative campaign to position Beulah International as leading the charge for innovative design within the Australian property realm. The first of its kind dog park sparked a nationwide debate surrounding the liveability of apartments and changing lifestyle demands. The campaign received mainstream media coverage both locally and internationally, and was deemed a success with Beulah International being crowned the inaugural ‘Game Changer of the Year’ award for AREA 2016.

Beulah International has now established itself as a leading figure within the Melbourne property market and a reliable source for commentary on trending topics within the space. Greenpoint Media has successfully grown the Beulah International brand into a trusted name that consistently delivers projects of distinction, with projects receiving widespread coverage, both locally and internationally, for design aesthetics and sell out successes.

Client: Beulah International